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Judging and review not only for dancing. Mark Rogers mixing with top performers


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Mark Rogers has shared a speech evaluation form that provides a strong framework for personal review, self evaluation, and personal development.

All club speeches have a positive and constructive review delivered in a non-threatening manner. This Speakers Club has a warm, caring, and welcoming ethos. 

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Evaluation and review form by Mark Rogers SLSC


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Mimic Versus Impressionism After Dinner Speech Mark Rogers SLSC


Mark Rogers After Dinner Speaking - Impressionism

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Actors and singers can, of course, be mimics,

but don’t the impressionists,

go that much further with their impersonations.



Usually involving a much wider repertoire?

than actors and singers?


Is it really any surprise

that there are such high numbers

of actors and singers

who act and sing

in their own natural voices

and personalities.


Maintaining purity and consistency

in their performances

with comparative ease.


But this can be directly contrasted

with the variety and flexibility demanded

from character actors and singers

in the theatre and on screen.



Whereas impressionists will often exaggerate

a specific well known individual’s

speech patterns and mannerisms.


Using satire and comedy, wherever they can.

In essence, they bring out the mimicry into micky taking.


Many impressionists do take their famous subjects

to be impersonated,

from those on television,

and can include the judge panels

of celebrity and talent contests.


Wouldn’t you agree that a lot of the judges

on television panels,

often lend themselves to be impersonated

and generally taken the rip out of.


Unfortunately, it is not just the likes of

Strictly Come Dancing judges

that like to revel in evaluating,


as the judge, Simon Cowell,

on the “Britain’s Got Talent” television show,



enjoys evaluating the contestant’s performances so much,

that he even practices his evaluations

on the birds tweeting, in the rear garden

of his London mansion private residence.


He was once overhead shouting out to the birds saying:

“OK, errrr stop, look I’ve heard enough,

Starling, you’re not a star to me, darling,

off you go.

Thrush, uummm yeah, how apt,

It’s unpleasant, it’s embarrassing

and it keeps coming back,

however, you won’t be, goodbye.

Now you do do,

you’ve got a big future.

See you next week.”


Did you also know that the television series

Strictly Come Dancing judge, Shirley Ballas,

has had formal training in public speaking?

No, I didn’t either. But she has.


Not surprisingly, Shirley Ballas

likes to evaluate speeches too,

and being so used to judging by appearances,

she apparently gets annoyed when evaluating,

if the lectern is too high,

in relation to the speaker’s overall standing height,

and therefore obstructs any of the top part of their body.


If the lectern does obstruct the speaker,

then Shirley has been known to bellow:

You’ve got to get up on the balls of your feet”.


Often also closely followed by her stating:

You are my queen of topics, you know that don’t you”.


What about the way politicians

also like to publicly evaluate,

and about the UK economy as a whole

may it be, boom or bust,

recession, austerity or the feel good factor.


Indeed, it wasn’t too many light years ago,

when the politician, Ken Clarke,

would regularly speak out about

“the feel good factor”.


Perhaps Ken Clarke could include this in his manifesto,

at the next general election,

Do you remember him from before,

when he used to say?

“I’d like to tell you what we’ve done,

 for the feel good factor,

we’ve decreased the rate of taxation

on every bottle of whisky

available for purchase.

We’ve also increased the weekly safe drinking limit

from 21 units to 28 units

for every man in the country.

So clearly we’ve done far more

for the feel good factor

than any political party

in the history of mankind.”


Nearly as objective and profound perhaps

if contrasted with Tony Blair,

and just supposing if he  was to ever make

a full comeback to frontline politics.


Supposing then if Tony Blair’s own future electioneering

is to include an extract

from his own previous famous speech

which he gave at the Fabian Society conference

when he said:

“But I say unto you,

for much of the 20th century,

left of centre governments,

have agonised over a series of false choices,

to be principled and unelectable

or electable but unprincipled,

to honour our past, or shape the future.”


And why not,

politicians can often make great “U” turns

and bends, can’t they.

With them being diverse, versatile and multi-talented.


Look at Bo Jo, Boris Johnson.

The reason why they call him Bo Joe,

is because he is incredibly good at archery.


An absolute demon,

with the crossbow

and the proverbial bow and arrow.


One day when he was playing archery for a big wager,

he scored a bull’s eye with his first arrow.


Bo Jo then felt so vulnerable

he thought he was going to be ostracised

by the other competitors,

and sent to a garden shed in Coventry.


As Bo Jo also thought he could imagine,

what David Cameron must feel like,

after a referendum.


Bo Jo wanted to get away quickly.

and have a glass of strong bow joe cider,

but he could not give the same old excuse,

that he had another tennis match to go to and play.


So he turned to everyone and shouted out:

“I’ll have to make a sharp Brexit”.


He did then rapidly depart

from that archery scene,

without even making

a drinks tost to his guests,

nor did he say a grace for the luncheon.


As always though,

it is difficult to predict

what might have been stipulated,

in a Bo Jo grace,

because even generally in the world,

the content when saying graces,

can vary enormously all round.


Comprising of a short prayer or thankful phrase,

before or after eating a meal,

and at say an ASC Charter dinner,


In Preston, they are regularly reputed

to say a grace of just:

“there’s the gravy, there’s the meat, let’s eat”.


Yet in Scotland,

they can be more sophisticated,

with a grace such as:

“Some have meat and cannot eat,

some have meat who do not want it,

but we have meat and we can eat

and so say thank Lord for it…”


Perhaps the real test of a Scottish impressionism,

is to not say the name

of the individual being impersonated.


Just one little hint though,

the: “Match of the Day” television programme.

Aaargh, Padijo packs a powerful penalty

plays a quality ball

across the halfway line

and hammers it, into the top hand corner of the net”.

There are, of course, many other

tip top Scottish sports people,

including the tennis super star, Andy Murray,

with the terribly bad news now

about his injuries.


And it is absolutely no consolation whatsoever,

that Andy can now pursue his singing career

with songs like:

“I was born under a wandering star”.


Yes, often impressionists

don’t just hit on the spoken word,

they often include impersonating

an individual’s singing voice too.


But even when singing,

a person can still sing,

in their own local regional accent?


If you have been to an am dram musical,

and listened carefully to the chorus singing

did you sometimes hear the lyrics,

being sung with a local regional accent?


Does it matter? Do the audience object?

Or can some members of the audience,

actually hear and understand the words better,

if they are sung in dialect?


Unlike Lancaster Grand theatre

and their Footlights group,

with their BBC like, RP,

that being “received pronunciation”.


A chorus song from a musical

could be sung here at Lancaster,

like Boris Johnson,

and sound something like:

“Tar rata ra ra blow the bugle

Tar rata ra ra home we go

Ta rata rara blow the bugle

Ta rata rara rara raa….


But go to Yorkshire and the same song

can be heard as:

“Tar rata ra ra, blow t’ bugle

Tar rata ra ra home we go

Ta rata rara blow t’ bugle

Ta rata rara rara raa….



But regardless of which region

you go to in the UK

or anywhere else in the world,

as far as impressionists are concerned,

surely there is usually something

to latch onto,

to impersonate with every individual.


But why sound and act like someone else.



Mark Rogers SLSC


Are you not always happier to be yourself,

as an ASC speaker,

with your own personality

and style of speaking?


Using your own dialogue

and/or carefully personally selected quotations of others?


If so, just keep away from am dram theatre producers,

for they will destroy you.

Mark Rogers


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South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

Bias Propaganda and Tendentious Media



Eddy-Jackson-MBE-South Lancaster Speakers Club
Eddy Jackson

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A significant feature of today’s zeitgeist is divided contentious national identities.


Popular media communications such as newspapers, social media, and interest groups control, operate and are established only to show, endorse, and present their highly selective, compartmentalised views of the world.

The title of this speech, bias, propaganda, and tendentious media, now needs another ominous noun to elucidate the meaning of these words and their implications, indoctrination.




Ask yourself questions about the meaning, the influence, and power of these concepts.  

Are you aware of the processes involved?

What is the impact, effect and outcomes for you, your community, and society?

Where and how does it start?

How does this happen?

What are the strategies to counter bias, propaganda, tendentious tweets, and indoctrination?

The language and cultures of the democratic free world facilitate these concerns. For totalitarian states, these concepts are the de facto modus operandi.

Now, let’s examine the meaning of these words.



Inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

A concentration on or interest in one particular area or subject.


Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

The dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy.


Expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.


The process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.


Now put these words into context by reviewing the great British tradition embedded into the fabric of the nations daily lives, the nasty and vicious morning newspapers.

Due to current online trends, this excludes millennials and the snowflake generation.

Compared to The Chinese People’s Daily, or the Russian Pravda, does The Times and The Daily Telegraph produce a balanced, independent, impartial news, views, comments, and features?


Let's dig down and look at the heritage and pedigree of established, long-serving well-known journalists: Janet Daly, Isabelle Oakenshott, Polly Toynbee,

Quentin Letts, Charles Moore, and Tim Montgomerie.

What does that say about their newspaper’s ethos, culture, and viewpoints?

What was the message of the British twentieth-century newspapers? The Daily Record, The Sketch, The Express, The Mirror, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The People, and The News of The World?

Whom did they represent? Who owned this media?

Do you like to be well-informed, have educated insights, and be knowledgeable?

Generations of post-war baby boomers have been brought up reading newspapers. Here, the reader's diet will have consisted of what?

Imagine a young person delivering newspapers in this era. While they posted and read the headlines, the leading features would immediately provide detailed insights containing bias, propaganda, and tendentious media. The reader brings their own interpretations, values, and beliefs. Are they informed?

The Newspaper business model is not sustainable today. A digital, virtual world driven by sounds, images, and video content has attracted new audiences.

Twenty-first Century

Today we live in very different times? Things have evolved, and technology has led to new ways of communicating.

However, the same issues of bias, propaganda and tendentious media are still all pervasive. Interesting?

What has happened?



Online media displaying bias, propaganda, and tendentious clickbait


Today the use of online media for using, displaying and manipulating bias, propaganda, tendentious tweets, and propaganda is a well-recognised phenomenon.

The ubiquitous echo chambers of the internets social media apps have taken these issues to a higher and a new level.

News Verification

Responsible media organisations have teams and systems in place to verify the authenticity of facts. They verify the accuracy and honesty of the news.

In the United States the American Press Institute, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies and other news consortiums, like the BBC in the UK, now have strong systems in place to fact check and ensure the authenticity of media.

Can you think of major incidents, events, and scenarios where this has occurred?

For example, immediately after the US president gave a speech on the proposed wall along the Mexican border, news anchors scrambled to fact-check Trump’s prime-time television address.

The Financial Times featured the real reasons for Donald Trump lies at

The president’s greatest ambitions are neither financial nor political; - they’re psychological, writes Stephen Grosz.

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker estimates that during the two years of his presidency Trump has told some 7,600 lies


Grosz’s view is that Trump may abuse the truth, so we take notice of him, think about him, become emotionally involved with him. Because he’s in no one’s heart, he wants to be in all our minds. More and more, he is convinced that his greatest ambitions are neither financial nor political — they’re psychological. He wants us never to take our eyes off him. A psychic imperialist, he aims to colonise our minds. He wants to dominate the external and internal landscape.

Moments after President Trump concluded his Oval Office remarks on border security on Tuesday, the NBC anchor Chuck Todd came on the air with a blunt assessment.

“He made a lot of dubious claims,”
Mr Todd informed millions of viewers
after the network’s scheduled program

The decision by major broadcast networks to carry Mr Trump’s address live set off a fierce debate over journalistic responsibility in an age of unusual mendacity (Mendacity = Untruthfulness) in politics. Anchors responded by delivering a tough-minded assessment of his nine-minute remarks, reeling off several immediate correctives to some of his misleading claims.


What are the answers and solutions to my concerns:

  1. Supporting and using independent, high-quality media delivering in-depth, impartial reporting, g. The London Review of Books.
  2. Using news verification organisations for checking facts.
  3. Providing high standards of education for overcoming ignorance and low levels of literacy.
  4. Governments creating and enforcing laws for preventing hate, bigotry, and sectarianism.


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Anglesey Green Energy Wind Solar Tidal Power

James Douglas South Lancaster Speakers Club

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My Predictions

1 Politicians will many make promises, and forget them.

2 Fraudsters will get more inventive about stealing from us

3 The followers of Horse Racing will continue to predict winners, but the Bookmakers will still make big profits.

4 Less meat will be eaten and more Kale and Broccoli.

5 Weather forecasters will get more accurate, good for Farmers, Deep sea Fishermen and Golfers.

6 There will be advances in using Tidal Power.



The sudden unexpected demise of the proposed Nuclear Power Station at Wylfa on Anglesey is a disaster for the island.

It would have created many jobs in and around the area.

The big money people have had to accept that Nuclear Power cannot compete with the Green sources, Wind and Sun.

The money that was to be spent on Nuclear could be turned to the Green stuff.



Can green energy wind solar and tidal power be used in cities?


After all Anglesey is very windy, has its fair share of sunshine and is surrounded by the Sea.

There are also some very strong sea currents, full of energy, in the Menai Strait.

So maybe Tidal Power will get a look in.  


There will be advances in using Tidal Power




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Girl Power Opportunities For Boys Role Models



Louise Jackson SLSC


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Waking up


How do you wake up in the morning?  With an alarm clock?  Naturally when your body decides it has had enough sleep? 

With the radio?  If you are a Radio 2 person you would’ve had your daily waking routine severely disrupted with the change of the longstanding radio host Chris Evens being replaced by Zoe Ball.  Enough to make you choke on your toast or porridge and the day being spoilt before it has even begun.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you are a Drive Time fan at the end of the day Simon Malo and Joe Wiley are seeking pastures new and Sarah Cox is taking over. 

And to complete the three, Fiona Bruce is the new presenter of Question Time as the BBC says goodbye to David Dimbleby after 25 years in the chair. 

So, what is happening?



Girl Power And Opportunities For Boys Role Models - Vimeo Video



Girl Power


In the words of the Spice Girls way back in the 90’s is this ‘Girl power?’

And….is this girl power going to continue in 2019? 

Women taking positions on merit, equality between the sexes.

The march of the female presenter over taking from BBC bastions of broadcasting is that saying something about what may happen in 2019? 

Is the #Metoo movement taking on another twist and men on our screens are being phased out? 

On a recent politics programme there was an all-female panel, the presenter and 2 politicians.


Is that going to become the norm?



Just recently, on the big screen there was been a rise in female dominant roles as shown in: Mary Poppins Returns, Colette and Mary Queen of Scots all depicting strong women and weak men. 


But…. there is a flip side to all this, and I wonder what may happen in 2019?


What about the male side of the argument?

With all this girl power making a welcomed move what role is there for males?


Boys role models


What pathways or role models are there for them? 

Boys need to have goals to aspire to that are compatible with the values being advocated in 2019, not the so-called toxic masculinity, that ultra-masculine stance that considers females to be beneath them, aggressive and uncaring.

The commendation of the recent Gillette advert where men were shown in a very chauvinistic light shows that maybe 2019 might signal a shift in thinking in all sections of society not just the enlightened few.


Girl power South Lancaster Speakers Club





Just like girls, boys need all sorts of role models and opportunities, for example they need to be able to show and discuss their feelings and be sensitive to others, to be shown how to be caring fathers, as well as be encouraged to follow their choice of career be it a fire fighter, joining the paras or being a ballet dancer or teaching assistant in a nursery with 2-3 year olds.

So maybe in 2019 the progress made for girl power will continue but let’s hope that boy power can thrive and there is power to both sexes.


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Local government cutbacks and children who have special needs and disabilities


Diana Douglas


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We all know cutbacks in recent years have been very wide-reaching. Affecting so many people and in differing ways.

It has been challenging for those such as local councils who have juggled with making cuts and yet at the same time tried to meet their statutory duties.

Well, local government, in 2019, money will be re-scheduled back at an acceptable level to the young.




Particularly to those children who have special needs and disabilities and who have been failed. Failed. Failed by the crises caused by reductions. There are of the order of 1.5 million UK children recognised as have special educational needs and about 2/3 of them appeared to have had no additional funding through their schools. That will change in 2019. The Teaching Assistants will re-appear in their dozens. Special Needs training will be proliferate.



Local government cutbacks and children who have special needs and disabilities


Where will the money come from? I can hear you asking. Good point.

The realisation will be unpopular. Of course. What do you expect? But money doesn’t grow on trees, despite what some of our advantaged children think.

Huge taxation on plastic goods. Double-fold benefits there as plastic goods and ensuing waste will dwindle to become all but the necessary.

Greater taxation on wood burners. Polluting our skies.

Greater taxation on petrol and diesel cars.

Greater taxation on airplane flights.

A new taxation on imported vegetables and fruits which are, here in the UK, unseasonable. We once managed without strawberries at Christmas. In 2019 we will learn again how to manage without strawberries at Christmas.

Those that want these luxury goods can have them … but at a price.

Local government, in 2019, austerity will be over for our most vulnerable children. And not before time!

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Nostradamus Predictions And What May Happen This Year



Sue Solloway South Lancaster Speakers Club


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So, what may happen in 2019. Of course we can always turn to Nostradamus for his predictions. A French philosopher born in  1503 and died in 1566. He was a renowned and respected seer; a harbinger of the future. His first prophecy was published in 1555 and all his works have been rarely out of print since his death. However, his predictions were not known for their levity and tended to be warnings of disaster and doom. As his works contained little detail and no names, they are open to interpretation. Perhaps a couple of his most famous revelations were the the great fire of London and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler.



Sue Solloway 's speech


So what are his predictions for 2019? He warned of a major global conflict which conspiracy theorists have interpreted as war between the US and Russia or the US and North Korea. Then a cataclysmic asteroid will impact the Earth creating absolute devastation. Rising temperatures will lead to melting ice caps and violent hurricanes. “we shall see the water rising and the earth falling under it”

There are more fact based predictions for 2019.

GM will introduce a ride sharing experience in their self drive cars.Volvo will wind down production of their petrol vehicles focusing on electric vehicles.Harley Davidson will launch their ‘ Live Wire’ electric motorcycle.

Benbam solar park in Egypt, the world’s largest solar farm, will finish it’s  construction Walney, the worlds largest off shore wind farm, will hit full production.


Rissing temperatures  melting ice caps river

A river in flood. Rising temperatures will lead to melting ice caps.


So should we look forward to 2019 or dread it.

My prediction for 2019, One that even Nostradamus didn't make,  is Liverpool will win the Premier League and will beat Manchester City by 3 points.

Sue Sulloway

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Top 9 Nostradamus predictions for 2019

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