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Anglesey Green Energy Wind Solar Tidal Power

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My Predictions

1 Politicians will many make promises, and forget them.

2 Fraudsters will get more inventive about stealing from us

3 The followers of Horse Racing will continue to predict winners, but the Bookmakers will still make big profits.

4 Less meat will be eaten and more Kale and Broccoli.

5 Weather forecasters will get more accurate, good for Farmers, Deep sea Fishermen and Golfers.

6 There will be advances in using Tidal Power.



The sudden unexpected demise of the proposed Nuclear Power Station at Wylfa on Anglesey is a disaster for the island.

It would have created many jobs in and around the area.

The big money people have had to accept that Nuclear Power cannot compete with the Green sources, Wind and Sun.

The money that was to be spent on Nuclear could be turned to the Green stuff.



Can green energy wind solar and tidal power be used in cities?


After all Anglesey is very windy, has its fair share of sunshine and is surrounded by the Sea.

There are also some very strong sea currents, full of energy, in the Menai Strait.

So maybe Tidal Power will get a look in.  


There will be advances in using Tidal Power




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