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Waking up


How do you wake up in the morning?  With an alarm clock?  Naturally when your body decides it has had enough sleep? 

With the radio?  If you are a Radio 2 person you would’ve had your daily waking routine severely disrupted with the change of the longstanding radio host Chris Evens being replaced by Zoe Ball.  Enough to make you choke on your toast or porridge and the day being spoilt before it has even begun.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you are a Drive Time fan at the end of the day Simon Malo and Joe Wiley are seeking pastures new and Sarah Cox is taking over. 

And to complete the three, Fiona Bruce is the new presenter of Question Time as the BBC says goodbye to David Dimbleby after 25 years in the chair. 

So, what is happening?



Girl Power And Opportunities For Boys Role Models - Vimeo Video



Girl Power


In the words of the Spice Girls way back in the 90’s is this ‘Girl power?’

And….is this girl power going to continue in 2019? 

Women taking positions on merit, equality between the sexes.

The march of the female presenter over taking from BBC bastions of broadcasting is that saying something about what may happen in 2019? 

Is the #Metoo movement taking on another twist and men on our screens are being phased out? 

On a recent politics programme there was an all-female panel, the presenter and 2 politicians.


Is that going to become the norm?



Just recently, on the big screen there was been a rise in female dominant roles as shown in: Mary Poppins Returns, Colette and Mary Queen of Scots all depicting strong women and weak men. 


But…. there is a flip side to all this, and I wonder what may happen in 2019?


What about the male side of the argument?

With all this girl power making a welcomed move what role is there for males?


Boys role models


What pathways or role models are there for them? 

Boys need to have goals to aspire to that are compatible with the values being advocated in 2019, not the so-called toxic masculinity, that ultra-masculine stance that considers females to be beneath them, aggressive and uncaring.

The commendation of the recent Gillette advert where men were shown in a very chauvinistic light shows that maybe 2019 might signal a shift in thinking in all sections of society not just the enlightened few.


Girl power South Lancaster Speakers Club





Just like girls, boys need all sorts of role models and opportunities, for example they need to be able to show and discuss their feelings and be sensitive to others, to be shown how to be caring fathers, as well as be encouraged to follow their choice of career be it a fire fighter, joining the paras or being a ballet dancer or teaching assistant in a nursery with 2-3 year olds.

So maybe in 2019 the progress made for girl power will continue but let’s hope that boy power can thrive and there is power to both sexes.


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