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Local government cutbacks and children who have special needs and disabilities


Diana Douglas


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We all know cutbacks in recent years have been very wide-reaching. Affecting so many people and in differing ways.

It has been challenging for those such as local councils who have juggled with making cuts and yet at the same time tried to meet their statutory duties.

Well, local government, in 2019, money will be re-scheduled back at an acceptable level to the young.




Particularly to those children who have special needs and disabilities and who have been failed. Failed. Failed by the crises caused by reductions. There are of the order of 1.5 million UK children recognised as have special educational needs and about 2/3 of them appeared to have had no additional funding through their schools. That will change in 2019. The Teaching Assistants will re-appear in their dozens. Special Needs training will be proliferate.



Local government cutbacks and children who have special needs and disabilities


Where will the money come from? I can hear you asking. Good point.

The realisation will be unpopular. Of course. What do you expect? But money doesn’t grow on trees, despite what some of our advantaged children think.

Huge taxation on plastic goods. Double-fold benefits there as plastic goods and ensuing waste will dwindle to become all but the necessary.

Greater taxation on wood burners. Polluting our skies.

Greater taxation on petrol and diesel cars.

Greater taxation on airplane flights.

A new taxation on imported vegetables and fruits which are, here in the UK, unseasonable. We once managed without strawberries at Christmas. In 2019 we will learn again how to manage without strawberries at Christmas.

Those that want these luxury goods can have them … but at a price.

Local government, in 2019, austerity will be over for our most vulnerable children. And not before time!

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