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Nostradamus Predictions And What May Happen This Year



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So, what may happen in 2019. Of course we can always turn to Nostradamus for his predictions. A French philosopher born in  1503 and died in 1566. He was a renowned and respected seer; a harbinger of the future. His first prophecy was published in 1555 and all his works have been rarely out of print since his death. However, his predictions were not known for their levity and tended to be warnings of disaster and doom. As his works contained little detail and no names, they are open to interpretation. Perhaps a couple of his most famous revelations were the the great fire of London and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler.



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So what are his predictions for 2019? He warned of a major global conflict which conspiracy theorists have interpreted as war between the US and Russia or the US and North Korea. Then a cataclysmic asteroid will impact the Earth creating absolute devastation. Rising temperatures will lead to melting ice caps and violent hurricanes. “we shall see the water rising and the earth falling under it”

There are more fact based predictions for 2019.

GM will introduce a ride sharing experience in their self drive cars.Volvo will wind down production of their petrol vehicles focusing on electric vehicles.Harley Davidson will launch their ‘ Live Wire’ electric motorcycle.

Benbam solar park in Egypt, the world’s largest solar farm, will finish it’s  construction Walney, the worlds largest off shore wind farm, will hit full production.


Rissing temperatures  melting ice caps river

A river in flood. Rising temperatures will lead to melting ice caps.


So should we look forward to 2019 or dread it.

My prediction for 2019, One that even Nostradamus didn't make,  is Liverpool will win the Premier League and will beat Manchester City by 3 points.

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