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Minutes of Committee Meeting 11 March 2019



The Lancaster Canal near the South Lancaster Speakers Club meeting place


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  11th March 2019

In attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, Louise Jackson, David Knox and Sue Solloway.

1. Venue

   The suitability of the current meeting venue was discussed and apart from the noise from the heating unit the venue was more than adequate.

It was agreed that we continue to meet at Forton Methodist Church Schoolroom.

2. Membership

   There is currently a core of regular attendees but for the Club to become financially and administratively viable more members were required. (see item 3)

3. Publicity

        * Social Media – Club site is in its infancy and it is too early to assess its impact. To be reviewed in three months. It was agreed that the site had to be ‘current’ and it was further agreed that DD, JD, LJ DK, MR and SS take turns to submit articles of their own choice to be included on the site.

         * Village Magazines - It was agreed to continue advertising the meeting dates in the Garstang and Dolphinholme magazines.

         * Posters/Leaflets – It was agreed that posters/leaflets should be placed in Lancaster University Library, and Sports Hall,  Lancaster Library, Garstang Tourist Information Centre, Cabus Village Hall, Spa store, Galgate, YMCA and Cropston Road Chip Shop and any other appropriate sites mentioned.

  1. Training

    It was agreed that the structuring of meetings had to be looked at. It was felt that Evaluations of Speeches and Topics, particularly for the newer members is very important. It was agreed that we would have two prepared Speeches, Evaluations and the Topics Session would be used to ‘fill in’ the time available. It was also agreed that it was extremely important that all members present should be given the opportunity to speak at every meeting. Discussions took place as to other areas where training could be given.


Poppy Seeds for Armistice Remberance Day War Heroes

Planting poppy seeds on the verge of the A6 near the meeting place of the South Lancaster Speakers Club


  1. Chartering

        Following a discussion, it was agreed that we would not be Chartering at the present time.

  1. Frequency of Meetings

        It was agreed that we continue to meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month and that the term be from September to May.

It was suggested that during the recess we have a social function and Wednesday 3rd July was proposed as a possible date and that the proposition would be put to members at a future meeting.

  1. Club Finances

      *  It was reported that at the date of this meeting the Club had £319.50 in the Bank and £65 in cash. Financial commitments included £16.79 Domain Name and £20.00 Domain Mapping (three months fees + one month’s notice?)

    * It was stated that the Club should appoint an Examiner to check the Club’s Accounts. It was agreed that Diana Douglas would approach a suitable person in order to perform this function which will be formalised at the Annual General Meeting.

As a possible financial consequence to the Club Diana Douglas brought to the attention of the meeting that despite being told to the contrary SLSC may not be covered under the umbrella of the ASC for any accidents etc. Diana suggested that she should write to the National Treasurer, Malcolm McKechnie, for clarification - Agreed.

  1. Fees

       Discussions took place regarding the merits and demerits of Members paying their Subscriptions annually and paying for their refreshments on the night, which is the case with Chartered Clubs or continue with the current practice of paying £5 on the night,  including tea/coffee.

It was agreed that until the Club ‘Charters’ or current circumstances change we continue with our current practice of paying subscriptions of £5 on the night. This recommendation be submitted to the AGM for approval.

  1. Club Officers

It was explained that it was the responsibility of this group to put forward to the AGM names of people who are prepared to fill the Club Officer positions. Members will be given the opportunity of putting alternative names forward should they wish. (See SLSC Club Rules Section 3.6)

The following names were put forward for the positions listed below

President – David Knox

Vice President – Louise Jackson

Treasurer – David Knox

Education Director – James Douglas

Secretary – Sue Solloway

Media Secretary – Not to be filled

Social Secretary – Not to be filled

  1. Club Rules

          A copy of the proposed Club Rules for South Lancaster Speakers Club based on ASC Guidelines was considered. Following detailed discussions, some alterations and additions made including an appropriate Data Protection Policy. It was agreed that the revised document be recommended to the Membership for their approval.

  1. Date of Annual General Meeting

             It was agreed that the Annual General Meeting should take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2019.

  1. Any Other Business



                    The Meeting ended at 3.45

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South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554