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In Attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, , Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson Mark Rogers, Jane Entwistle, Amy Winder (Guest).

Apologies:- John Entwistle, Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Sue Solloway.

As Chair, James Douglas, welcomed everyone. He explained that President, David Knox, was unable to attend.

Louise Jackson, having missed the previous meeting, gave her 6-minute Tall Tale.

Jane Entwistle re-told her Tall Tale, as practice for the forthcoming Area Competition at Fylde SC on 17 April, at which Jane would be representing SLSC. Members offered her sensitive evaluation.

Mini Speeches

Members and Amy were given a list of house names by Diana Douglas. They were asked to prepare, in 8 minutes, a narrative involving a house name from the list. All joined in.

Topics Session

Topics Chair, Mark Rogers, gave out a different A4 picture to everyone to speak about. All joined in the session.

James Douglas evaluated the Topics.

Diana Douglas was General Evaluator.

The Chair, James Douglas, thanked everyone present for their contributions to another successful evening. He asked Amy Winder how she felt the evening had been for her and members contributed to a brief discussion. Amy explained that she wanted to improve her self-confidence. She asked if there was anything she could prepare in advance for the next meeting and it was decided she should talk about herself (as Making A Start) or any other subject of her choice.

Everyone was reminded that Area President, Anne Bouget, would be at the next meeting to run an Evaluation session. Eddy agreed to video the session but Diana would first ask Anne if she consented to that.

James closed the meeting at 9.25 pm and wished everyone a safe journey home.

Date of next Meeting Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 7.30 pm

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