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Advice Speakers Club Topic Mark Rogers






So what are the real reasons for giving advice?

Are they the suggestions which you give someone else 

which you hope will work for your benefit?

Or is that just limited to the less scrupulous

of the salesmen around of double glazing and cars?


But isn’t advice regarded as something that we ask for,

when we already know the answer,

but wish we didn’t?


What about undeniably good advice

should we take it?


Like, do something wonderful,

people may imitate you?


Or find out what you don’t do well, 

then don’t do it?


Or nothing risqué, nothing gained?


Maybe like a good speaker, 

should one always try to be sincere, 

even if you don’t always mean it.


But always use tasteful words. 

You may have to eat them.


Should we take heed 

from those that speak quickly 

and always leave things to the last minute. 

Because that way it will only take a minute.


Thankfully there are no horrid, bigoted and generalised 

sexist clichés for me to quote here,

such as: “if you give a woman a minute,

then she will always take three.


But as Oscar Wilde did say,

“Don’t give a woman advice, 

one should never give a woman 

anything she can’t wear in the evening.


Did he mean, like wearing a fur coat 

for walking along Morecambe freezing promenade

by the sea and on the beach:-


Someone else has also recommended

that the best advicethey have for Morecambe

is to “keep Britain tidyand eat a pigeon;


Yet surely the vegan campaigners

will not approve of any politically incorrect talk 

of increased pigeon consumption, will they?


But do you believe in free speech?

Good, can I just borrow your mobile phone, then please.


By the way, did you buy your mobile phone on the internet. 

If so, did you take advice about buying on line.

Because apparentlone of the questionable aspects here  

is that, if something is really worth having, 

then it is not always on eBay.


Wouldn’t you agree 

that there can be some very good advice 

on the internet about health 

and there can also be some utter rubbish on it.

Indeed, there must be something rather special 

about that acupuncture

because you never see any sick hedgehogs or porcupines, do you?


Isn’t it wonderful 

how there are such huge numbers of people in the world 

who are now using computers 

instead of having to reference 

encyclopedias and educational text books, etc.

So now being able to access 

key desired information, guidance and advice 

on virtually anything in the world.


Indeed, the ASC is, of course, very much on linetoo.

But what additional advice 

could one try and give the ASC 

to increase it’s profile and membership numbers.


Could it be, to never join a bowling club if you don’t play bowls.

Similarly, do not join a tennis club if you don’t play tennis,

nonever ever belong to a Speakers Club 

if you do not write a brand new speech,

every fortnight, during a season.


Would the ASC be in an improved state,

and have more to offer as a whole,

if it was to adapt accordingly 

and turn itself into an organisation 

which is better able to accommodate 

increased numbers of teenage junior members.




Not wishing to be too ageist

but surely there are significantly high numbers

of teenagers out there

who could individually write a brand new speech or presentation

every single week of the year,

if they were encouraged

and provided with such valuable opportunities to do so.


So how would teenagers cope with the ASC?


Or should we just give them a licenced chaperone 

and a minder for their mind, body and soul.


What about further advice and suggestions

that could be given to the ASC,

for it to consider improving as a whole,

to benefit it’s members of all ages.


As a lot of UK organisations are now expanding 

and becoming global.


But look what happened when the ASC 

attempted to open up and operate in Australia,

with Dame Everidge assisting in the promotion.



As Dame Everidge did then publicly criticise the ASC when she said:

“Hello possums”. Don’t you just love it.


Mary Whitehouse wanted to join

the international Association of Speakers Clubs.


But she found it too restrictive.


She said, I can’t talk about religion, I can’t talk about sex,

I can’t talk about myself, and I can’t talk about Brexit”.


I would now like to conclude

that as with Brexit

and so many other complex things in life,

and in overall and summarised terms,

isn’t it often abso-bally-lutely brilliant 

to seek, the best possible advice when needed.


Along with obtaining supportive, 

tip top second and third opinions

to check for consistency and authenticity. 


You can still be the final judge of it.


Take heed. Never end a speech with a piece of advice.                                   

Unless, and unlike myself, you are an expert.



Mark Rogers

South Lancaster Speakers Club

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

Speakers Club Meeting 24th April 2019


           24th April 2019

In Attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, Jane Entwistle, John Entwistle, Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson, Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Mark Rogers, Sue Solloway and Anne Bouget

Apologies:-  Isobel Hamid, Beverley Lamb and Amy Winder


The President opened the meeting by welcoming those present.

Proceedings were then passed over to the Chair for the evening Sue Solloway.

Topics Session

The Chair for this session was Carol Kershaw.

Mark Rogers – ‘Save the Planet’

There were a number of actions Mark would take to save the planet and these included developing diesel cars further, get cars that don’t comply with strict CO2 emissions off the road, saving more water by having parallel reservoirs. He would also have far more stringent rules and increased vetting of candidates standing for public office.

Diana Douglas – Books v Kindle

Kindles were getting less popular than before. Diana preferred to read a book. The notion of weight restrictions when going abroad for a holiday for favouring a Kindle was not a problem for her as she did not fly and that she could secrete as many books as she wanted in the car. Diana also volunteers in a Charity Shop where she will arrange all the books coming in for sale. She also said that she could not go to sleep at night without reading a book.

John Entwistle – Designing a house with no budget restrictions

John was quite happy in his existing home but the requirements for his ideal house would include being close to the centre of a village with easy access to the countryside. Most of the rooms in the property would be downstairs with an observatory upstairs. It would be energy efficient, large windows, it would have a study, a hobbies room and a craft room. The property and garden would be low maintenance with a water feature to rival Chatsworth House.

Eddy Jackson – Reconstruction of Notre Dame traditional or contemporary

The cathedral should be restored to its gothic and medieval style but because of its iconic standing in a city like Paris it should be sympathetically restored as quickly as possible and if that means using more up to date methods and technology, so be it.

Jane Entwistle – Designer handbags, why?

‘I don’t know ‘ was the opening remark. Is it that they are eye catching, a bit special. Jane wasn’t sure if she could recognise one and was more than happy with her existing handbag which came from Poland and more than served the purpose for which it is intended. It is quite interesting, Jane said, rummaging around in her handbag, you never know what you are going to find, the odd five pound note unlike most of the designer bags that are so small they hold very little. Some people buy them as an investment which she didn’t understand. If you have the handbag do these people also need the designer shoes as well. Do they need the whole package?

David Knox – What three items would you try and save in the event of a fire.

The items David would take would be photographs of his children and grandchildren which would be irreplaceable, his Liverpool DVDs and a watch that he had received as a present from Sue.

Louise Jackson – Adverts on TV that she found infuriating

Louise does not watch much TV but finds the adverts for some Insurance Companies infuriating including the ones where men dress up in women’s clothing and also the one with the Meerkats. Louise much preferred the old adverts where you would ‘go to work on an egg’ or ‘if you like a bit of chocolate on your biscuit, join our Club’ These old adverts were quite often a stepping stone for now famous film directors.

James Douglas – Could you be a Vegan

NO was the response from James. He admitted that over the years his diet could have been better maybe too much beer but as a war baby the diet then did not include much sugar or fats but wholesome simple food. During these times you ate what you were given or you didn’t eat

Sue Solloway – Should toddlers have iPhones or Tablets

Sue stated that play was an extremely important aspect of a child’s development and interaction with other children and adults is essential, it helps form their personalities and character. Giving young children iPhones or IPads in order to keep them amused could be construed as lazy parenting. However young people interacting on social media is also important given that  technology is such an important feature in today’s society.

Training Session – Evaluation, Why do we hate it so?

Anne Bouget gave a very interesting, informative and extremely helpful training session on the Evaluation process which encouraged the involvement of all those present on matters such as why people don’t like Evaluating, why areas of good practice, the good but could do better and the bad areas should be identified. The Evaluations should always be kind. Do’s and Don’ts in Evaluating a speech were also identified.

Mark Rogers gave a short speech entitled ‘Advice.’ Anne Bouget then led a discussion with members as to their views on the speech.

Evaluations of Evening

Eddy Jackson evaluated the Topics and Louise Jackson gave a General Evaluation of the evening ‘s proceedings.

Business Session

At the recent ‘Tall Tales’ Competition Jane Entwistle represented the Club, regretfully she didn’t win but gave an excellent performance.

The President mentioned that the Agenda and most of the Reports had been sent to members for the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 22nd May. As a result of the next meeting being cancelled due to significant apologies being given any nominations for alternative suggestions for Club Officers to those listed on the Agenda would be taken on the night.

The second matter  was that members will be asked to consider the number of meetings guests can attend before being asked to pay the agreed fees. At present it is one meeting but there will be a proposal to increase that number to two meetings.

Members were reminded that they had agreed to review the decision to continue or otherwise with the website after a three month period. Following a short discussion discussion it was decided that this would be discussed at the AGM


The President Closed the Meeting by thanking those present for their contributions and attendance.

Date of next meeting 22nd May 2019

The Meeting ended at 9.25


South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

A Tall Tale Viking Gold Under Cabus Cross

A Tall Tale - A SLSC Presentation





Cabus Parish Councillor, Louise Jackson, researched and created a history trial around rural Cabus, Lancashire. The free document is available from shops and the Garstang Tourist Office and available for download from the council website.

As member of the South Lancaster Speakers Club, she embellished her work in the SLSC's 'Tall Tale Competition.'



Louise Jackson's Tall Tale - Viking Gold found under the Cabus Cross Fowler Hill Lane Lancashire




South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

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In Attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, , Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson Mark Rogers, Jane Entwistle, Amy Winder (Guest).

Apologies:- John Entwistle, Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Sue Solloway.

As Chair, James Douglas, welcomed everyone. He explained that President, David Knox, was unable to attend.

Louise Jackson, having missed the previous meeting, gave her 6-minute Tall Tale.

Jane Entwistle re-told her Tall Tale, as practice for the forthcoming Area Competition at Fylde SC on 17 April, at which Jane would be representing SLSC. Members offered her sensitive evaluation.

Mini Speeches

Members and Amy were given a list of house names by Diana Douglas. They were asked to prepare, in 8 minutes, a narrative involving a house name from the list. All joined in.

Topics Session

Topics Chair, Mark Rogers, gave out a different A4 picture to everyone to speak about. All joined in the session.

James Douglas evaluated the Topics.

Diana Douglas was General Evaluator.

The Chair, James Douglas, thanked everyone present for their contributions to another successful evening. He asked Amy Winder how she felt the evening had been for her and members contributed to a brief discussion. Amy explained that she wanted to improve her self-confidence. She asked if there was anything she could prepare in advance for the next meeting and it was decided she should talk about herself (as Making A Start) or any other subject of her choice.

Everyone was reminded that Area President, Anne Bouget, would be at the next meeting to run an Evaluation session. Eddy agreed to video the session but Diana would first ask Anne if she consented to that.

James closed the meeting at 9.25 pm and wished everyone a safe journey home.

Date of next Meeting Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 7.30 pm

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Check out the standards of these speakers:

2018 Prepared Public Speaking | Finals Hall from National FFA Organization on Vimeo.

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

Lancaster Lancashire Public Speaking Speakers Club Program


Education and training in public speaking

South Lancaster Speakers Club 
Programme 10 April 2019

SLSC Facebook Page

Welcome David Knox
Chair Sue Solloway
Tall Tale (max 6 min) Louise Jackson
Speech 4 mins max Please bring a pencil, pad of paper and some imagination. You will be given a
few mins to construct a story/speech on a given subject. Every subject will

Interval (at whatever appropriate time the Chair decides on)

Brief Business David Knox
Topics Carol Kershaw
Topics Evaluator James Douglas
General Evaluation Diana Douglas
9.25 sharp Close of Evening David Knox
Timekeeper                Louise Jackson (Diana during Louise’s TT)
Taking on board the suggestion made about when the lights come on/go out, we will
announce the lighting on the evening so you are sure where you are time-wise.

Mark Rogers shared a powerful article on public speaking from the Guardian:

"As Graham Davies, a former barrister who has given presentation coaching and speech-polishing tips to many senior politicians, says: “One of the things that people find frightening about public speaking is not having a process to prepare. I give people a process. Speaking is a matter of two things: deciding what to say, and saying it. And you can break that process down.”

Check out the Speakers Club Facebook page: SLSC Facebook Page  


South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

Tips for public speaking youtube video

South Lancaster Speakers Club provides training in public speaking


Members of the South Lancaster Speakers (SLSC) benefit from expert guidance and tuition from authoritative colleagues. Feedback, evaluation, and education is a fundamental feature of the club.

The key factors are shown in this YouTube video via Skillopedia - Skills for the real world 




South Lancaster Speakers Club Offer Education In Public Speaking


SLSC Facebook Page

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.

South Lancaster Speakers Club Tall Tale Competition Winner Jane Entwistle


South Lancaster Speakers Club Tale Tales Competition

South Lancaster Speakers Club offers diverse public speaking education and training opportunities.


Tall Tale Competition Winner Jane Entwistle

The South Lancaster Speakers Club newest member, Jane Entwhistle, won the SLSC's Tall Tale competition on her first speech. Jane will now represent the club in the regional Tall Tale contest.

Jane Entwistle

Jane wanted an assurance from the audience that what she was about to say would not get back to her employer! In her work as a Civil Engineer, she had been sent to Grimsby to carry out a survey on a dangerous building – an Ice House Factory. Regretfully Jane was involved in several incidents one of which involved her falling down a set of stairs and ending up in deep, dark water which she had great difficulty getting out of. Jane described how she was knocked unconscious in another separate incident. Certainly a tale of woe!

Congratulations and well done Jane.

Diane Douglas came second and James Douglas third.

David Knox, the SLSC President, thanked all the members for the high standard of the presentations and for making the evening so enjoyable.

Here are the Minutes 27 March 2019 for the SLSC Tall Tales Competition (On the SLSC Facebook Page)

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.