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Advice Speakers Club Topic Mark Rogers

Speakers Club Meeting 24th April 2019


           24th April 2019

In Attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, Jane Entwistle, John Entwistle, Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson, Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Mark Rogers, Sue Solloway and Anne Bouget

Apologies:-  Isobel Hamid, Beverley Lamb and Amy Winder


The President opened the meeting by welcoming those present.

Proceedings were then passed over to the Chair for the evening Sue Solloway.

Topics Session

The Chair for this session was Carol Kershaw.

Mark Rogers – ‘Save the Planet’

There were a number of actions Mark would take to save the planet and these included developing diesel cars further, get cars that don’t comply with strict CO2 emissions off the road, saving more water by having parallel reservoirs. He would also have far more stringent rules and increased vetting of candidates standing for public office.

Diana Douglas – Books v Kindle

Kindles were getting less popular than before. Diana preferred to read a book. The notion of weight restrictions when going abroad for a holiday for favouring a Kindle was not a problem for her as she did not fly and that she could secrete as many books as she wanted in the car. Diana also volunteers in a Charity Shop where she will arrange all the books coming in for sale. She also said that she could not go to sleep at night without reading a book.

John Entwistle – Designing a house with no budget restrictions

John was quite happy in his existing home but the requirements for his ideal house would include being close to the centre of a village with easy access to the countryside. Most of the rooms in the property would be downstairs with an observatory upstairs. It would be energy efficient, large windows, it would have a study, a hobbies room and a craft room. The property and garden would be low maintenance with a water feature to rival Chatsworth House.

Eddy Jackson – Reconstruction of Notre Dame traditional or contemporary

The cathedral should be restored to its gothic and medieval style but because of its iconic standing in a city like Paris it should be sympathetically restored as quickly as possible and if that means using more up to date methods and technology, so be it.

Jane Entwistle – Designer handbags, why?

‘I don’t know ‘ was the opening remark. Is it that they are eye catching, a bit special. Jane wasn’t sure if she could recognise one and was more than happy with her existing handbag which came from Poland and more than served the purpose for which it is intended. It is quite interesting, Jane said, rummaging around in her handbag, you never know what you are going to find, the odd five pound note unlike most of the designer bags that are so small they hold very little. Some people buy them as an investment which she didn’t understand. If you have the handbag do these people also need the designer shoes as well. Do they need the whole package?

David Knox – What three items would you try and save in the event of a fire.

The items David would take would be photographs of his children and grandchildren which would be irreplaceable, his Liverpool DVDs and a watch that he had received as a present from Sue.

Louise Jackson – Adverts on TV that she found infuriating

Louise does not watch much TV but finds the adverts for some Insurance Companies infuriating including the ones where men dress up in women’s clothing and also the one with the Meerkats. Louise much preferred the old adverts where you would ‘go to work on an egg’ or ‘if you like a bit of chocolate on your biscuit, join our Club’ These old adverts were quite often a stepping stone for now famous film directors.

James Douglas – Could you be a Vegan

NO was the response from James. He admitted that over the years his diet could have been better maybe too much beer but as a war baby the diet then did not include much sugar or fats but wholesome simple food. During these times you ate what you were given or you didn’t eat

Sue Solloway – Should toddlers have iPhones or Tablets

Sue stated that play was an extremely important aspect of a child’s development and interaction with other children and adults is essential, it helps form their personalities and character. Giving young children iPhones or IPads in order to keep them amused could be construed as lazy parenting. However young people interacting on social media is also important given that  technology is such an important feature in today’s society.

Training Session – Evaluation, Why do we hate it so?

Anne Bouget gave a very interesting, informative and extremely helpful training session on the Evaluation process which encouraged the involvement of all those present on matters such as why people don’t like Evaluating, why areas of good practice, the good but could do better and the bad areas should be identified. The Evaluations should always be kind. Do’s and Don’ts in Evaluating a speech were also identified.

Mark Rogers gave a short speech entitled ‘Advice.’ Anne Bouget then led a discussion with members as to their views on the speech.

Evaluations of Evening

Eddy Jackson evaluated the Topics and Louise Jackson gave a General Evaluation of the evening ‘s proceedings.

Business Session

At the recent ‘Tall Tales’ Competition Jane Entwistle represented the Club, regretfully she didn’t win but gave an excellent performance.

The President mentioned that the Agenda and most of the Reports had been sent to members for the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 22nd May. As a result of the next meeting being cancelled due to significant apologies being given any nominations for alternative suggestions for Club Officers to those listed on the Agenda would be taken on the night.

The second matter  was that members will be asked to consider the number of meetings guests can attend before being asked to pay the agreed fees. At present it is one meeting but there will be a proposal to increase that number to two meetings.

Members were reminded that they had agreed to review the decision to continue or otherwise with the website after a three month period. Following a short discussion discussion it was decided that this would be discussed at the AGM


The President Closed the Meeting by thanking those present for their contributions and attendance.

Date of next meeting 22nd May 2019

The Meeting ended at 9.25


South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554