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Speech and Language

Have you ever thought what is the biggest difference between humans and the rest of the living world?

Well, many renowned psychologists support the belief that it is speech that sets us apart.

Why is speech and language different from just communication?

Speech/language comprises of 5 main components which aren't found in animal communication. These are:  

  •       Phonemes

  •       Morphemes

  •       Lexemes

  •       Syntax and

  •       Content.

Grammar and semantics also play a major role in speech. Signing is also recognised as a fully functional language having all the criteria necessary.

So it's obvious speech is a complex activity and there is much speculation around the question of whether speech actually facilitates thought.

To this end many experiments have been conducted. Perhaps one of the most notorious was when very young children were used as subjects in this infamous experiment.

It was noticed that when children were working on some difficult arithmetic puzzles they would speak very quietly to themselves to help solve the problems.



Speech and language development in children


Curare, a paralysing chemical,  was injected into their throats to prohibit this verbalisation. The result was a severe drop in correct answers.

Is that surprising? No, I don’t think so. If my throat was injected with a paralysing poison I wouldn't be able to concentrate on much either.

It is accepted by many that thought and speech are intrinsically linked. Language gives us an unique way of thinking and talking about the world.

Language is one of the main activities where we interact with the world.

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