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Mark Rogers Advice 2020 Public Speaking Challenge


Mark Rogers South Lancaster Speakers Club

Mark Rogers Expert Speaker


The 2020 Public Speaking Challenge
Self-recorded at home and uploaded to YouTube and Facebook by Mark.

Mark Rogers 2020 Public Speaking Challenge in the age of COVID 19 lockdown




So what are the real reasons for giving advice?

Are they the suggestions which you give someone else 

which you hope will work for your benefit?

Or is that just limited to the less scrupulous

of the salesmen around of double glazing and cars?

But isn’t advice regarded as something that we ask for,

when we already know the answer,

but wish we didn’t?

What about undeniably good advice, 

should we take it?

Like, do something wonderful,

people may imitate you?

Or find out what you don’t do well, 

then don’t do it?

Or nothing risqué, nothing gained?

Maybe like a good speaker, 

should one always try to be sincere, 

even if you don’t always mean it.

But always use tasteful words. 

You may have to eat them.

Should we take heed 

from those that speak quickly 

and always leave things to the last minute. 

Because that way it will only take a minute.

Thankfully there are no horrid, bigoted and generalised 


sexist clichés for me to quote here,

other than: “if you give a woman a minute,

then she will always take three.

But as Oscar Wilde did say,

“Don’t give a woman advice, 

one should never give a woman 

anything she can’t wear in the evening.”

Did he mean, like wearing a fur coat 

for walking along Morecambe freezing promenade

by the sea and on the beach:-

Someone else has also recommended

that the best advice, they have for Morecambe

is to “keep Britain tidy”, and eat a pigeon;

Yet surely the vegan campaigners

will not approve of any politically incorrect talk 

of increased pigeon consumption, will they?

But do you believe in free speech?

Good, can I just borrow your mobile phone, then please.

Wouldn’t you agree 

that there can be some very good advice 

on the internet about health 

and there can also be some utter rubbish on it.

Indeed, there must be something rather special 

about that acupuncture. 

because you never see any sick hedgehogs or porcupines, do you?

No, certainly not all experts. Even internet advice on good food diets to lose weight seem to vary like the UK 2020 winter weekend weather.

Some days it’s the Atkins diet is best, or other times it’s green and reds, then it can be high protein and fibre, or vastly reduced salt and sugar or just simply less calories;

But what about that man in Garstang, where else, who eats six meals a day, 4 steaks, ten pounds of potatoes, a dozen hamburgers, apple pie, ice cream and lots of beer and never puts on weight.

Yet he is always the same weight, at 28 stone.

Conversely, if one is very poor, is it better to accept the advice for one to adopt a more economically priced diet.

For example, did you know that a young man in the UK is so very poor that if he doesn’t fast every Monday and Thursday, he will starve to death.

Isn’t it wonderful 

how there are such huge numbers of people in the world 

who are now using computers 

instead of the total dependence, on having to reference 

encyclopedias and educational text books, etc.

So now being able to access 

key desired information, guidance and advice 

on virtually anything in the world.

Indeed, the ASC is, of course, very much “on line”too.

But what additional advice 

could one try and give the ASC 

to increase it’s profile and membership numbers.

Could it be, to never join a bowling club if you don’t play bowls.

Similarly, do not join a tennis club if you don’t play tennis,

nor never ever belong to a Speakers Club 

if you do not write a brand new speech,

every fortnight, during a season.

Would the ASC be in an improved state,

and have more to offer as a whole,

if it was to adapt accordingly 

and turn itself into an organisation 

which is better able to accommodate 

increased numbers of teenage junior members.

Not wishing to be too ageist

but surely there are significantly high numbers

of teenagers out there

who could individually write a brand new speech or presentation

every single week of the year,

if they were encouraged

and provided with such valuable opportunities to do so.

So how would teenagers cope with the ASC?

Or should we just give them a licenced chaperone 

and a minder for their mind, body and soul.

What about further advice and suggestions

that could be given to the ASC,

for it to consider improving as a whole,

to benefit it’s members of all ages.

As a lot of UK organisations are now expanding 

and becoming global.

But look what happened when the ASC 

attempted to open up and operate in Australia,

with Dame Everidge assisting in the promotion.

As Dame Everidge did then publicly criticise the ASC when she said:


“Hello possums”. Don’t you just love it.


“Mary Whitehouse wanted to join


the international Association of Speakers Clubs.

But she found it too restrictive.

She said, I can’t talk about religion, I can’t talk about sex,


I can’t talk about myself, and I can’t talk about Brexit”.

I would now like to conclude

that as with public speaking training

and so many other interesting and worthwhile things in life,

and in overall and summarised terms,

isn’t it often abso-bally-lutely brilliant 

to seek, the best possible advice when needed.

Along with obtaining supportive, 

tip top second and third opinions

to check for consistency and authenticity. 

You can still be the final judge of it.

Take heed. Never end a speech with a piece of advice.                                   

Unless, and unlike myself, you are an expert.


Mark Rogers

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.