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October 2020


South Lancaster Speakers club

Hello everyone,

Louise and I have had our heads together to come up with a programme that utilises the opportunities of a speakers club and also incorporating suggestions made by members. We have put together a programme for the next 5 sessions until Christmas so you can ponder if you have the inclination.

Most sessions include one 6 to 8 minute speech and I shall name an individual  at random. If anyone has an objection to this please say.

We are using assignments from the manual which hopefully will help the evaluators as they must see evidence of it. I will send a detailed programme before each meeting.

October 14th  An own choice meeting, 1 + 6-8 min speech, 3 + 4 min speeches, plus topics.

October 28th Assignment ( old manual ) page 25 ( new Manual ) page 11  Speaking with Conviction. Same format as October 14th. Choose something you feel passionate about.

November 11th Assignment ( old )page 149 ( new ) page 29 story telling.  Everyone tell a 4 minute story about a “ girl in a red dress “

November 25th Assignment ( old ) page 33 ( new ) page 12 Own choice. Using your voice effectively.

December 9th Assignment ( old ) page 193 ( new )? Reading aloud to an audience. Everyone choose a Christmas reading

Hope this makes sense, As it is our first attempt at forward planning please bear with us.

Louise and Joyce     

South Lancaster Speakers Club

Programme 14th October

Welcome            Louise

Chairman            David

Timekeeper        John

Tonight’s speeches are your own choice

For the evaluators it may be helpful to use an evaluation sheet from the handbook.

6 -8 minute speech         Diana                     evaluated by Mark

4 minute speeches          Mark                      evaluated by Eddy

                                            Jane                        evaluated by James

                                            Joyce                       evaluated by Carol

Topics chairman               Vaishali

Suggested order ( dependent on time )

Carol, Sabe, David, Eddy,Pepe,Louise, James, John

Topics evaluator     Eddy

General evaluator of evening   Diana

Close meeting( including any points which need raising ) 


South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.