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23 November 2020


South Lancaster Speakers Club

Outline agendas for Spring term

13th January Assignment 6. Vocabulary and word pictures. New manual page 13, old p.39

6 -8 minute speech,          The best picture I ever took.

4+4 minute speeches,       Show and tell

27th January Assignment 7  Using notes and microphone. Old manual page 43

Minimalistic use of notes  Be brave and try a speech without them.


                                               Tall Tales

10th February Assignment 8  Using humour. New manual p. 14. Old p. 49

6-8 minute speech,              Compare past and present humour on television

4+4 speeches                         Funny story

24th February Assignment 9   Audience rapport. New Manual p.15, Old p.55

6-8 Minute speech                Speak about something you are passionate about

4+4                                           Own choice, but must have rapport with audience

10th March Assignment 10    Showpiece.  New manual p.15. Old manual p.59

Five 6-8 minute speeches     Demonstrate your speaking skills learnt over the past year

24th March

Game                                         Just a minute, speak without hesitation, repetition or deviation

                                                    Hope this will be a bit of fun ( if it works )

                                                    Instead of topics, A lighthearted way to finish the term and get

                                                    to know one another better, “ how do you spend your free

                                                     time “

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.