Home Schooling Is Better Than Traditional Education in very very very small doses
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Traditional state schooling stifles learners imagination and creativity





What are your views, thoughts, and position on this topic?

Some of the most crucial life transition occurs during the early years, primary, high school, college, and university education.

Let me map these out? Are there any I have missed?

There are powerful arguments for compulsory education within government or private institutions.

Let us take an alternative perspective where the self-esteem, the development of a balanced, well-informed, educated child emerges as a young adult.



We can do this by putting homeschooling and ‘normal’ education under the microscope.

For this speech, my focus is on personality, temperament, motivation, engagement, creativity, problem-solving ability, sociability, and having a balanced education.

It is about a child – person-centric approach versus systemic testing, rigid conformity to a restricted – narrow curriculum delivered in a brutal bureaucracy.

Whose interest benefits? – Exam boards, bloated universities, colleges, and schools filled with meddling form fillers lacking in imagination and creativity?

Your child, relations, and the country deserve better.

Extend the early years, nursery, and infant curriculum from birth to the age of twenty-one years to develop the whole child within 24/7 365 days for twenty years for a dramatic improvement in the nation's ability to win Nobel Prizes or educate children away from so-called teachers and schools.



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