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Topics Historic Photographs of Unknown People


The Chair for this session was Joyce Meiring, assisted by Eddy Jackson. Each speaker was shown a picture of an unknown person or persons in olden day clothing and they had to make up a story about that photograph.


Louise – Two well dressed young ladies +




Dressed in their finery for the first photograph taken in their family with a description of how the event went, including how they found the whole thing whilst trying to contain their laughter.


John – Four Ladies one old three young. +




This photograph reminded the speaker of his grandmother and the clothes shown in the photograph were very similar to the clothes that the family still had in their possession. John marvelled at the thin wastes of the ladies and posed the question as to whether modern day women would be able to fit these dresses.


Graham – Soldier in Uniform +




“A picture paints a thousand words” The photograph was of his grandfather who was a linguist able to speak German, French and Italian


Laura – A very old woman with a hearing trumpet 




The speaker spoke about the recession and a holiday in Blackpool in 2008  where a member of the family was encouraged to dress up in 1900’s clothing and have their photograph taken.


The Topics were Evaluated by Carol Kershaw + and David Knox §


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