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28 October 2021

Speeches and Topics 27102021




South Lancaster Speakers Club

Programme 27th October


President Opening remarks. Louise

Chair                                         Carol

Timekeeper                              Jane

3 to 4 minute speeches          Everyone

Choose from- Decorating, a landmark, Adverts

Daisychain evaluations, the person picked out of the hat evaluates

the previous speaker and then delivers their own speech.

The first one will be Simon giving an introductory speech about

himself. Evaluated by Diana. Chair pulls out next person before

Diana gives her speech. Continues until everyone has evaluated

and spoken. ( Joyce will be absent, sends apologies )

Break for refreshments.

Topic chair                               Albert

Topic evaluator                       Eddy

General evaluator                   Louise

Closing remarks                       Louise     




      WEDNESDAY 27th October 2021

             Methodist Chapel, Galgate

In attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, Jane Entwistle, John Entwistle, Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson (President)  Albert Kelsall, Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Luisa (1) and Lewis (1) Garth Entwistle and Fiona Entwistle.

 Apologies:- Joyce Meiring and Simon Gelderd


The President opened the Meeting by welcoming those present, especially the Guests to the third meeting of the new season.

The Chair for the evening was Carol Kershaw


Each Speaker was given 3-4 minute to talk about “Decorating, a Landmark or an Advert”

Daisy chain evaluations then followed, the person picked out of the hat evaluated the previous speaker and then delivered their own speech

Diana Douglas – Don’t, don’t, don’t

This speech was about different types of adverts including the power and cost of same.

Jane Entwistle –

Decorating landmark cakes was the subject matter of this speech eg Birthday and Wedding cakes together with different types of icing used.

Albert Kelsall – talked about various landmarks.

James Douglas -

This speech was about landmarks and in particular various lighthouses including the Ancient Lighthouse at Alexandria.

Louise Jackson – Decorating for a new arrival

The audience was treated to a very interesting speech on the preparations required for a ‘new arrival’ but the arrival was not a baby, as might have been expected but ……. A dog!!!

John Entwistle –

John talked about various elements of internal and external decorating and how to avoid potential ‘marital’ disharmony.

David Knox –

This speech was about the decoration of a ‘landmark’ that had not been painted for a very long time and needed to have a great deal of preparatory work carried out before this high, well known example could be painted a single colour of sky blue …. The Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

Eddy Jackson had a completely different approach to the subject of ‘landmarks’ and put forward the suggestion that this word could be treated not only as a noun but also as a verb.

Carol Kershaw talked about adverts and how things had changed from the 1940’s and 50’s very few goods available. Carol made reference to several adverts which included, but not restricted to, the Guinness advert with the multi coloured toucan.


The Chair for the Topics Session was Albert Kelsall and the theme was the effects and repercussions of various well publicised events in recent times.

John Entwistle – Interruption to Clubs due to Covid

Eddy Jackson – Global Warming

Louise Jackson – Respect for the NHS

James Douglas – Global Warming

David Knox – Debt

The Topics were Evaluated by Eddy Jackson and the General Evaluation of the evening was given by Louise Jackson.


The Treasurer reminded members who had not paid their £10 Membership Subscription Fee that it was now due.

The Meeting ended at 9.25

Date of next Meeting 10th November 2021

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South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Galgate Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Galgate, Lancashire. LA2 0PN.